CRAIN's NY BUSINESS 20 UNDER 20 List | November, 2017

"In the summer of 2016 Ryan Felner turned a passion for real estate and aerial photography into a thriving business, snapping lofty pictures of Westport properties for sellers with his DJI Phantom 3 drone"


"I spent my spring break preparing for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test. The day before my birthday, I passed. Now, I'm a licensed pilot continuing my drone business"

FAA drone class held in Westport | July, 2017

"The class was held at Staples High School. The students were able to fly the drones after a week of studying. FAA instructor Marilyn Pearson says there is much to be learned about drones before students can get their flying permits. "They need to know what the national airspace regulations are, where can they fly," she says. "What are they going to look for when they're flying?"

The FAA hopes to use the class as a model all over the country."


"The Aviation Career Education UAS Academy begins July 24 at Staples High School in Westport, and Felner will be among the instructors, volunteering his time to introduce fellow teens to unmanned aviation "

How a 16 Year Old Went From Hobbyist to Commercial Drone Pilot | May, 2017

"It was a long six months of waiting, but we are thrilled to report that after studying for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test all of Spring break, Ryan passed his exam. Ryan was then invited to exhibit his drone at Maker Faire Westport. After a conversation with Ryan on the phone, Mr. Mathias learned about Ryan’s experiences, and asked him if he would like to give a presentation at the MakerFaire called 'Adventures of a 16 Year old Drone Pilot' "

How The FAA Learned To Love Ryan Felner | April, 2017

"Aarons forwarded the emails to Marilyn Pearson, an aviation safety inspector with the FAA Unmanned Aircraft System division. She’d been working hard to educate drone enthusiasts, while implementing the new regs. She too commended Ryan for the way he’d communicated with the authorities"

Student’s drone photography business back in air after run-in with FAA | April, 2017

"Now that he’s passed the test, turned 16 and obtained his license, Felner is ready to hit the ground running with his business. RAF-Air, is a drone photography business, providing aerial photographs and videos to local real estate agents"

Student’s drone photography business takes off | October, 2016

"When his parents decided to put their home on the market, they hired a realtor and professional photographer who also used a drone to capture aerial footage of the property. When Felner showed his mom the photos he had taken of the home, she was amazed how similar they were to the ones taken by the professional [...] Since then, he’s built up a client base of five or six and photographed more than a dozen homes in the area"